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Doors open 19:00
Concert Starts at 20:00

RAMMSTEIN Tribute Show STAHLZEIT 20 years on the scene – anniversary tour!

STAHLZEIT pays tribute to the originals with a gigantic new show and bows to the artwork of RAMMSTEIN. STAHLZEIT is rightfully considered the number 1 tribute show.

RAMMSTEIN created a world-unique genre with brutal sound, harsh attitude and playing with fire. The shows are explosive productions and great overall experiences. RAMMSTEIN has broken all records with its current stadium shows and is more important than ever.

Now you can certainly ask yourself whether such a gigantic concept can be realized outside the stadiums without degenerating into a RAMMSTEIN imitation on a small scale. The answer is: STAHLZEIT can do it!

For almost 20 years, STAHLZEIT has been creating superlative shows with great effort. A team of 30 people travels around Europe with 2 Nightliners and several trucks.

STAHLZEIT lives and breathes in time with a brutal musical beat. His veins flow with an insatiable desire to create new dimensions on stage that flirt with the boundaries of the imaginable.

The pyro show is realized so uncompromisingly and effectively that at STAHLZEIT you can feel the heat even in the most distant places. Sweat, fire and this unique energy drives visitors to the core during the two and a half hour show. Nowhere else can you experience the spirit of RAMMSTEIN so closely.

“ZEITLOS 20” is the name of the tour 2025. STAHLZEIT is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a big anniversary tour. It is a journey through all the creative phases of the original. STAHLZEIT remains TIMELY and yet reinvents itself. Long-time fans can look forward to the consistent further development of the show, and new viewers will be carried away by a great concert experience. ZEITLOS 20 is a must see. Feel, feel and hear.

The biggest RAMMSTEIN memorial show will fill the big halls. Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, Philharmonie Stuttgart, Circus Krone Munich, Wunderino Arena Kiel, Columbiahalle Berlin and many other places will drown in applause.

STAHLZEIT. When heat, sound and emotion come together in a powerful unity.


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