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Protheus a Komunál


Protheus a Komunál


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Doors open 18:00
Concert Starts at 20:00

A mega-concert that culminates a really big joint tour between Protheus and Komunál. That’s how a spectacular concert could be summed up in one sentence, a celebration of music, life and the joy of it.

The megaconcert at the Karlín Forum will symbolically close not only the tour, but also the concert year of both bands. It will be a spectacle in every aspect and a party of gigantic proportions. Both bands are planning a lot of surprises. There will be attractive guests, beautiful women and, of course, an audiovisual experience on stage. In addition, each of the visitors will take away a “souvenir gift”. Tickets for the Protheus and Komunál mega-concerts, as well as for the entire tour, are the perfect gift under the tree for every rocker!

Music connects people regardless of age and across cultures. It brings joy and helps to live in a world full of lies and traps. And that’s exactly what the joint tour of the bands Protheus and Komunál is about. About connection, joy and shared passion. Protheus has already joined forces with the Komunál band several times, both as part of a joint tour with Dymytry, and in the joint songs – Až mě ráno povedou a Zapalte nás.

“It will be a show, it will be a connection, it will be the joy of music and being together. The Protheus and Komunál concerts will be interspersed in various ways, and everything will culminate in a spectacular joint finale. Come with us to experience the joy and get energy that will last you a long time!” describes Protheus.

The unique connection of two performers who have been friends for many years is definitely worth seeing.

Simply “Sex, beer and Rock’n’roll” in its purest and truest form.


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