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Doors open 19:00
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One of the most influential bands in music history, without which Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead or even The Strokes would not have been created, returns to Prague’s Karlín Forum. On August 10, the Pixies will perform here after almost two years. And since no Pixies show is the same as the last, what’s more, not even the one played the day before, you shouldn’t miss this unique musical experience this time either! Tickets for CZK 1,090 + fees on sale from Friday, December 15, 10:00 a.m. in the Ticketportal and Ticketmaster networks.

The Pixies concert setlist is notable for not actually existing. During each concert, the frontman of the band Black Francis chooses from about 90 songs the ones that are most suitable for the given evening and which he thinks the fans would enjoy the most. And that’s why fans enjoy every Pixies show 120%. If anyone thought that he would miss the Pixies next year because he saw them on their last visit to Prague, they might be fooling themselves.

Seven studio albums that changed and are changing the rock genre, quirky yet catchy melodies, a signature sound that no other band can imitate and a whole new generation of enchanted fans and influenced musicians. This is the calling card of a band that went head-to-head in the late 80s and still has something to say today. The most controversial topics and the most fundamental melodies appeared on the first records, but even the new work is not dull and without expression. On the contrary, each new record confirms what the world has known about the Pixies for several decades – they are the best “gold” standard of alternative rock.

The latest singles such as Motorway to Roswell as well as the last album Doggerel (2022) confirm this!

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