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Worakls Orchestra


Worakls Orchestra


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Doors open 18:30
Concert Starts at 20:00

An orchestra like no other – Worakls brings a fifteen-member ensemble. Producer, composer and conductor of his own orchestra. Despite his classical music education, Kevin Rodrigues was always drawn to electronic music. He started out as a DJ, later he started to compose. His two worlds came together in 2019, when he released his debut album Orchestra – and he already went on the first tour with the entire orchestra. The recording of his performance at Château la Coste on the popular YouTube channel Cercle has catapulted him into the ranks of Europe’s most in-demand producers.

Now the French project Worakls Orchestra will present itself on October 14, 2023 at the Forum Karlín. Tickets (CZK 890-1090) will be on sale from June 16 in the Ticketmaster network and a day earlier on the website for members of the Fource Friends fan program.

The uniqueness of the Worakls sound comes from a combination of house electronic production and classical instrumentation. His dreamy beats are in perfect harmony with the fifteen-member band. Rodrigues himself talks about his compositions as colorful film screens that tell stories full of emotions without words. On stage, he transforms from an author into a conductor of a unique orchestra – Worakls Orchestra concerts are an elegant experience that is beautiful not only to listen to, but also to look at.

Worakls is also involved in climate activism, co-organizing the Ocean Fest charity festival with French environmentalist and journalist Hugo Clément. He also composes musical accompaniment for his film documentaries. He collaborates with activist Camille Etienne on actions against the construction of the gas pipeline in East Africa (EACOP). Even Worakls Orchestra merch is always created in cooperation with brands that care about sustainability.


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