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Bullet for My Valentine


Bullet for My Valentine


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Doors open 18:00
Concert Starts at 20:00

Face the power of metalcore! The Welsh quartet Bullet For My Valentine has not complained about the sales of media or the lack of interest of fans in recent years. After the last successful album, he moved to the arenas and went to the biggest concerts. With a new record, he wants to insult his fans figuratively and, at a concert in the Karlín Forum, stamp them on the ground.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE is one of the most popular metal bands. Deservedly. With their first two records (their debut “The Poison” in particular), they defined British metalcore and mainly managed to attract new fans to this music, thus helping to popularize the metalcore genre. Even today, after more than 15 years, we remember that ‘wow moment’ when we first heard ‘Hand Of Blood’ and especially ‘Scream Aim Fire’. Since then, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE have become one of the biggest metal bands and have sold millions of albums worldwide.

And as is the case with similarly successful bands, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE has been experimenting with sound over the years and genre jumps have taken place. After a tougher, root-acknowledging period (the album “Venom”), BFMV on the latest album “Gravity” turned to a more pop sound and rode the wave of modern electronics and synths.
“Why the hell is the sound changing? Where is he going with this? ”Are the daily recurring questions of the fans, to which everyone has their answer. However, to call “Gravity” a misstep would be wrong. BFMV did not lose their hardness on it either, they just look at their sound differently. And that the result is ‘stadium metalworking’ when an explosive collection with spoiled productions has thoughtful arrangements and well-written songs? But just such records allow you to stand out from the crowd and do something unexpected, and at the same time often bands that want to develop, not stand still and try something new, these steps give you an insight into what we actually keep in the authors’ core, so that they can move on. ‘direction.

We now face the future. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE announced their seventh, eponymous album in October, which should be a bold chapter again. With the words “it’s time to release a really angry, aggressive and heavy record with which we – figuratively speaking – we get offended and we can’t wait to make grimaces on stage,” they announce the toughest and wildest album and promise that ” Bullet For My Valentine “is again full of solos, guitar beats and monstrous riffs, which are already represented by the single” Knives “.
It can be expected that the band, which many people might have thought was somehow ending, is just beginning. Forum Karlín is definitely once again waiting for an unfettered ride, a cauldron of predatory melodies, solos and bloated rhythms, which have traditionally belonged to the music of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE. Get ready to face the power of metalcore!


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