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Doors open 17:30
Concert Starts at 18:30

The two most requested synthwave projects in Karlín: CARPENTER BRUT and PERTURBATOR!

PERTURBATOR, perhaps the most famous and proven synthwave name that popularized the dark retro-futuristic sound inspired by 80s sci-fi/horror movies, joins CARPENTER BRUT, probably the hottest synthwave, darksynth project right now, on the Leather Sacraments tour.

James Perturbator Kent, now a famous artist, started his musical career as a guitarist in black metal projects, but eventually the Parisian was seduced by his passion for cyberpunk culture, with which he celebrates success with millions of listens and sold-out clubs. But PERTURBATOR doesn’t stand still, and with its dark electronic music inspired by retro style, today it breaks free from all synthwave clichés.

If the EP “New Model” (2017) signaled a drastic sonic departure in his work, the album “Lustful Sacraments” is proof of another rebirth – it takes fans into deeper uncharted territories and presents PERTURBATOR’s most mature work to date, combining dark synthetic tones with classic post- punk, gothic and heavy techno rhythms. The album intertwines a classic film atmosphere with booming drums, soft electronic melodies and guitar curls.

With oppressive, darkly electronic tones, PERTURBATOR continue their nihilistic exploration of future worlds concerned with the inevitable downfall of humanity.

CARPENTER BRUT still draws its influences from TV shows and B-movies of the 80s loaded with synthesizers – especially from the eighties slasher flicks, they set the atmosphere to music with the dark retro synthwave music we used to know from Perturbator in the past.

The mysterious and understated man behind the pentagon – or the Brutagram, as his fans would call him – evokes retro beats meets John Carpenter’s universe. When listening to his recordings, however, one would rather bet on a metal background, a crush on Dario Argento and the violence given by religious upbringing. This would explain his penchant for the occult, his passion for cheesy sounds, and his adoration of all kinds of pleasures.

But the story CARPENTER BRUT wrote and composed takes a new turn. Bret Halford becomes a bloodthirsty serial killer, seeking revenge and using his tour with his band Leather Patrol to hunt down everyone who bullied him as a teenager. With killer riffs and metal drums, CARPENTER BRUT clearly declares his love for 80s trash metal, while vocals now take a more prominent role in the songs. The novelty will be as powerful as it is catchy, the combination of both leading to music as electrifying as never before.

CARPENTER BRUT pays tribute to the culture that laid the foundations of electric and metal back then to give us and remind us of the unique, violent and crazy sound of the 80s.

The opening act on the tour will be HO99O9, a laid-back industrial revolt, where it beats with punk but with a hip-hop sermon. HO99O9 are loud, aggressive and absorb all the turbulence of today’s world. It’s the music for the end of the world that keeps you alive in it.


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