Basic information

Where we are located

Ilustrační obrázek Centra Karlín

Forum Karlín is located in the heart of the Prague quarter of Karlín, near the city centre (Pernerova 53, 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlín).

The complex is close to Křižíkova metro station and Křižíkova and Urxova tram stations. The nearest bus stop is Tachovské náměstí in the Žižkov quarter. It is accessible through a pedestrian tunnel that runs underneath Vítkov Hill.

Forum Karlín is also a stone’s throw away from the Prague-Florenc coach terminal, Masarykovo nádraží railway station as well as Prague’s main railway station, Hlavní nádraží.


Parkoviště v ulici Thámova, 300 m od Fóra Karlín. Možnost ONLINE REZERVACE parkovacího stání zde:

V případě dotazů kontaktujte:, +420 734 204 322 (Po – Pá: 09.00 – 17.00)

nebo v ulici Pernerova 100m od Fora Karlín:

Parkoviště v ulici Křižíkova, 500 m od Fóra Karlín. Možnost ONLINE REZERVACE parkovacího stání zde:


The nearest metro station is Křižíkova, a B line station that is a three-minute walk from Forum Karlín. Exiting the metro station, take Thámova Street towards Vítkov Hill and then turn left into Pernerova Street leading to Forum Karlín.

Metro station Florenc, a B and C line station, is a 12 to 15-minute walk away. To get to Forum Karlín from Florenc, take Sokolovská Street (leading to Křižíkova metro station, from where you can follow the instructions above) or Pernerova Street, which will lead you directly to Forum Karlín.


If you are travelling by tram from the city centre, disembark at the station Křižíkova and take Thámova Street towards Vítkov Hill. Then turn left into Pernerova leading towards Forum Karlín.

If travelling towards the city centre, disembark at Urxova and continue in the direction of the tram tracks to the traffic lights where Sokolovská and Šaldova Streets cross. Continue along Šaldova (to the left from Sokolovská) to Vítkov Hill where Šaldova crosses Pernerova. Turn right into Pernerova and continue to Forum Karlín.

Prague public bus service

The nearest Prague public transport bus stop, Tachovské náměstí, is located on the other side of Vítkov Hill in Žižkov. From there, walk through the pedestrian tunnel underneath the hill which connects the quarters of Žižkov and Karlín and then turn right to Forum Karlín. The journey takes about 5 minutes.


If you arrive in Prague on a coach that terminates at the Florenc terminal, we recommend that you take metro line B from Florence to Křižíkova metro station. To get to Forum Karlín from this station, follow the above instructions. Metro is also the recommended means of transport from other coach terminals around the city. Some stations are located on line B, while others will require a line change.

Ilustrační obrázek Centra Karlín


If you travel to Prague by train, we recommend exiting at Praha Masarykovo nádraží, Praha Hlavní nádraží, Praha-Holešovice or Praha-Smíchov (the railway stations are listed on a nearest to farthest away basis). The above four stations cover virtually all the train routes into the city and are all located near metro stations (line B offers a direct connection to Křižíkova station, while line C requires changing at Florenc for line B). Once you exit at Křižíkova follow the above instructions.

Arriving by car and parking

Forum Karlín does not include a visitors’ car park but there are several paid-for car parks. Considering the easy accessibility offered by public transport, it is recommended that if possible you make use of public transport and leave your car at one of the park & ride car parks found around the city (a list of the car parks, including information on parking space availability, can be found at


Forum Karlín offers three permanent refreshment counters (two on the auditorium floor level and one on the upper level), plus a varying number of mobile counters throughout the three levels. The placement and number of mobile refreshment counters depends on the type of event. All catering services provided at Forum Karlín are laid on by Ambiente, a network of restaurants renowned for top-quality service.

People with disabilities

Access to Forum Karlín is completely barrierless. Lifts are available for moving from floor to floor. Where the type of event allows for it, it is recommended that tickets are purchased for the first gallery, located at street level (the auditorium’s middle level). The first gallery provides good viewing and completely obstacle-free access to the auditorium and stage.


With respect to the security of visitors to Forum Karlín, it is forbidden to bring the following objects into the premises:

  • Weapons of any type as well as other potentially dangerous items such as scissors, tools, umbrellas (except for compact folding types), etc.,
  • Explosive and inflammable materials including spray aerosols, varnishes, etc. (including perfumes, deodorants and similar products in sizes exceeding 100 ml),
  • Glass and glass objects, pressure cylinders, oversize luggage, containers of all types (bottles, including PET bottles, tin cans, pots, etc.),
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs and other toxic and intoxicating substances in all states of matter,
  • One’s own food and beverages (with the exception of food and beverages required for medical purposes or food for infants),
  • Any other objects that could potentially cause harm or injury to others or the property of visitors, organisers, Forum Karlín and/or its suppliers.

Forum Karlín, its suppliers, employees and event organisers reserve the right to assess the safety of items on a case by case basis and to ban items that are not cited on the given list as well as to allow items from the list in relation to the type of event organised.