Technical specification

Auditorium dimensions

The capacity of Forum Karlín is up to 3,000 standing (2,500 on the floor and up to 500 in the galleries) or as many as 1,800 seated people. Forum Karlín offers a large floor, spacious foyer with a view of the stage, and two spacious galleries each with a foyer as well.

  • Floor area: 980 m2 (40 m × 24.5 m)
  • Area of foyer with a view of the stage: 144 m2 (18 m × 8 m)
  • Area of galleries: 2 × 440 m2
  • Stage area: 242 m2 or more (at least 11 m × 22 m)

Loading ramp

A covered loading ramp is available for unloading trucks that enjoy direct access to the auditorium. A passenger car or a smaller truck can be driven directly into the auditorium.


Forum Karlín is fitted with a dense rigging grid, suitable for suspending equipment and/or scene-setting decor anywhere within the auditorium. The rigging is accessible via service walkways.

  • Auditorium’s clear height beneath the rigging grid: 10.5 m
  • Rigging grid of 4.2 m × 1.9 m + another central rigging beam above the stage
  • Total carrying capacity of a single rigging grid field (each field is delineated by a concrete ceiling panel): 30,000 kg
  • Maximum spot load capacity: up to 5,000 kg
  • Loading capacity of longitudinal beams above the most frequently used stage arrangement: 2,000 kg
  • Loading capacity of longitudinal beams above the auditorium: 1,000 kg


Forum Karlín offers state-of-the-art technologies with sufficiently rated power distribution and plentiful power outlets:

  • Distribution point for lighting installations offering a total electric current of 650 A
  • Distribution point for sound installations offering a total electric current of 250 A
  • Full range of power outlets, 16 to 125 A
  • Three-phase 400 V power outlets around the auditorium perimeter, at galleries and throughout the rigging grid
  • Broadcasting vehicle connection points 125 A and 3 × 63 A (cable ducts run from the broadcasting vehicle platform into the auditorium)
  • Structured cabling for controlling sound, lighting, data and TV signal transfers
  • Internet access throughout the auditorium
  • Sufficient equipment (stage system, chairs, tables, cloth curtains, acoustic partitions)
  • Basic sound distribution and stage illumination