Basic information

Forum Karlín is a state-of-the-art multifunctional auditorium, located in the quarter of Karlín in Prague. The auditorium offers immaculate acoustics, a load-bearing ceiling and its own catering facilities and equipment. Access within the interior is barrierless on all floors and there are numerous cloakrooms available.

The excellent acoustics, spacious stage and modern, dense grid (rigging grid of 4.2 m x 1.9 m) mean Forum Karlín’s future will inevitably see it host the most demanding events with complex stage technology. A specifically created 3D model ensuring optimum sound reflection throughout the 25,000 cubic metres of the Forum Karlín auditorium results in perfect acoustics. A model was used to select suitable types of materials for individual surfaces within the whole auditorium, guaranteeing optimum acoustic comfort during events of any type and size.

Forum Karlín offers a broad portfolio of services. Our team, open to all your suggestions and ideas, is capable of creating events exactly tailored to your needs. Moreover, we offer easy-to-understand and fair terms and conditions as well as transparent pricing.

Auditorium capacity and dimensions

Forum Karlín comprises of three floors. Each of the top two levels contains a foyer and a gallery running around the auditorium in a U-shape, while the bottom level offers a foyer and the auditorium itself.

The venue offers capacities with up to 3,000 people standing, with up to 2,000 theatre seats, or with up to 1,100 seats placed around round tables.

Possible use of foyers and galleries

The foyer on the bottom level, containing two refreshment counters, can be separated from the rest of the auditorium, for example with a sliding partition, creating a separate room, for instance for a coffee break scenario. The foyer on the entrance level contains a cloakroom capable of storing up to 2,000 garments while the top foyer offers another refreshment counter and a smaller cloakroom for approximately 300 garments. All foyers contain a full set of lavatories. The galleries can be easily separated from the rest of the auditorium, creating for example two VIP areas.