Unique multi-functional project Forum Karlín completed

10. 06. 2014

The new administrative-social project Forum Karlín is opening its doors. The eight-storey building with a unique multi-functional hall and modern office space, which had been growing last year in Prague 8, was completed and will be symbolically opened to the public for the first time on June 11 within the concert of American music group Nine Inch Nails.

Forum Karlín is the new administrative-social project in exceptionally rapidly developing area of Karlín in Prague. The construction of the project started in 2011 and includes two buildings - sensitively renovated industrial building of the former factory of the First Republic, which in 2013 has become the seat of Economia publishing house, a newly finished modern building with a unique multi-functional hall with a capacity of 3,000 seats and six floors with 9 500 m2 of modern offices.

It is in the multifunctional hall of Forum Karlín where already on Wednesday on 11th have the opportunity to see the performance of the industrial band Nine Inch Nails. Next week there will be the reSite International Urban Conference (June 19 to 20), in August, Karlin will be flooded by fans of the legendary band Queens of the Stone Age (August 11). In the autumn Forum Karlín will be hosting the singer Lara Fabian (October 16) and the program of the Strings of Autumn Festival (October 14).

The concept of Forum Karlín allows to organize a wide range of all kinds of events - from rock concerts, through fashion shows, conferences up to opera performances. "Already now It appears that the concept of multipurpose hall Forum Karlín was the right choice," says Ondřej Špalek, Director of Forum Karlín, adding:"The hall is suitable not only for the great concerts of pop and rock stars, but also for performers extremely demanding in terms of acoustics, like Lara Fabian."

Acoustic design of the hall should in future allow live recording of musical performances. The authors of the project equipped the hall of Forum Karlín with a unique acoustic design. They placed great emphasis on the selection of appropriate building materials, but also on the details of acoustic elements on the stage and in the auditorium. Great attention was also paid to the sound system installation. Thanks to that the hall visitors can enjoy great sound in every organized event. Furthermore Forum Karlín is fitted with most advanced suspension system, called rigging with extremely high load capacity. Possibility to install and hang up to 180 tons there offers a wide use for even the most demanding program elements and decorations.

"The premises of the hall in Forum Karlín are also very flexible as the requirements of the extent of the organized event is concerned. The modular divider system allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere also for smaller events such as corporate trainings, industry conferences or even graduation parties," sais Ondřej Špalek.

Architects of the Forum Karlín Project managed to create not only an exceptional acoustic comfort inside the hall, but they also had in mind the high comfort of the users of office space in the building. Unique insulating materials and quality design of the entire building allow a unique blend of two utility functions of the building.The first lessees will move to their offices, which will be tailored to their requirements, after the summer holidays.

Information for editors:

Forum Karlín is the new administrative-social project in a unique and rapidly developing area of Karlín quarter in Prague.It includes a multipurpose hall with a capacity of 3,000 seats providing flexible facilities for all kinds of cultural, social and educational events. The project consists of modern media newsroom of Economia publishing house in the renovated premises of the historic building, which were used since 1908 for production of modern steam boiler for the whole of Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Another part of the project is the new eight-storey building covering 9,500 square meters of modern office space. The new building has six floors of offices of the highest quality in the second to the seventh floor.Three of the floors also incorporate terraces, the upper floors further offer remarkable views of the surroundings. Locality of the Prague quarter Karlín offers all the facilities, services and ample services for leisure time, calm and vibrant life - all in close proximity to the historical centre of Prague. The fusion of history and modern architecture, the combination of offices, shops and services, the presence of lessees involved in progressive areas of business, it all helps to create a truly unique atmosphere. The overall architectural project of Forum Karlín was significantly contributed to by the world-renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.