Forum Karlín presents a partnership with the PKF – Prague Philharmonia orchestra

07. 11. 2014

the modern project will provide space to the orchestra for its musical as well as supporting activities

Prague, November 6, 2014 – Currently one of the most prestigious places for organizing cultural and social events, the multifunctional hall Forum Karlín has launched a partnership with one of the leading Czech orchestras, the PKF – Prague Philharmonia (PKF). Forum Karlín became the home scene of the PKF in early November and provides space to the philharmonic for its rehearsals, educational concerts for children and schools, as well as its other musical activities. The hall also welcomed musicians from the PKF at the dress rehearsal for the “Tribute to Jarmila Novotná” concert at the Liteň chateau, which will be broadcast on November 17 by Czech Television.
During the construction of Forum Karlín, emphasis was placed on the selection of appropriate building materials and creation of specially shaped elements on the stage, thereby achieving optimal transmission of the acoustic signal into the auditorium hall. As a result, the Forum Karlín premises are able to meet even the most demanding requirements for acoustics – from rock to symphonic concerts.
“The fact that the Forum Karlín premises are suitable for the symphonic genre was proved for example by Steve Reich during this year’s Strings of Autumn, as he was thrilled with our hall. The newly launched partnership with the PKF – Prague Philharmonia is another example of the multifunctionality and acoustic quality of our premises. We are confident that we will attract many more artists, orchestras and fans of classical music to Forum Karlín,” said Jitka Bělušová, Director of the Forum Karlín multifunctional hall.
The partnership between Forum Karlín and the PKF – Prague Philharmonia began with the dress rehearsal for the “Tribute to Jarmila Novotná” concert, which was held on August 30 at the Liteň chateau. This open-air concert, which was held under the direction of world-renowned conductor, founder and honorary artistic director of the orchestra Jiří Bělohlávek, marked the very first time that Martina Janková, Dagmar Pecková, Adam Plachetka and Štefan Margita met on one stage. A recording of this gala evening will be broadcast by the ČT art television station on November 17 from 8 PM.
“The viewers will have the opportunity to watch a recording of this concert exactly to the day from the moment when the orchestra, then known as the Prague Chamber Philharmonia, played its first official concert,” said Radim Otépka, Managing Director of the PKF – Prague Philharmonia, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in the current season. “It will therefore be a certain gift for us and for our anniversary, as well as a reminder of the amazing atmosphere and audience in the Spanish Hall at Prague Castle back then. We also look forward to the continuation of the successfully launched partnership with Forum Karlín and the many future events awaiting us here,” added Otépka.
With its partnership with Forum Karlín, the PKF – Prague Philharmonia gets dignified acoustic premises, which – after the many years and also given its albeit young history – it deserves. The overall concept of this partnership is not only about the orchestra’s rehearsals, but also about the possibility of interconnecting many synergies. “We would like for the management of the PKF to have its offices in this building and the performers their facilities. Within its partnership with Forum Karlín, the PKF – Prague Philharmonia would like to develop joint activities: we are planning recordings and special concerts in this building, and we would also like to use this beautiful hall for educational projects as well. And our partnership is also perfectly complemented by the main media partnership with IHNED.CZ and HOSPODÁŘSKÉ NOVINY, owned by the Economia publishing house, which has its headquarters in this building,” concluded Otépka.