Forum Karlín – starting with conferences, company events, up to rock concerts

14. 05. 2014

Forum Karlín is a multi-function space with state-of-the-art technical equipment and excellent acoustics which from the very beginning of its operation will host splendid events of international reputation in Prague. In June the facilities will host the reSITE urban planning conference with participants from the entire Europe. In June the space of the modern hall will welcome, for example, the fans of Nine Inch Nails, an American industrial band awarded by Grammy. The summer vacation will belong, among others, to the Californian rock band Queens of The Stone Age.

“This opening program composition confirms that Forum Karlín is a unique space which can be perfectly adjusted to the needs of various types of events,” said Ondřej Špalek, director of a company named Forum Karlín and he added, “the flexibility of the hall, the high level of comfort for the visitors, performers, and the organizers already show that such facilities were missing on the market.”

The third year of the reSITE international conference will be hosted by Forum Karlín on June 19 and 20 and it will be focusing, among others, on the topics of architecture and urban planning of cities and municipalities as support of development of local economy. The conference will utilize also the interpreting booth for simultaneous interpretation, structural arrangement for panel discussion and other arrangements offered by Forum Karlín for conferences.

The Nine Inch Nails concert will take place on June 11, the British band Kosheen will play just the next day on June 12, and Queens of The Stone Age will come to Prague on August 11. “We are glad that thanks to its interior design and capacity of up to 3000 people Forum Karlín attracts renowned international conferences as well as top edge musical production or important company events, which will form an integral part of the program,” added Ondřej Špalek.

Forum Karlín, designed by the famous Spanish architect Ricard Bofill and a Prague based design studio AED project, offers unique modern space for concerts, conferences, cultural and social events on two above ground floors and one underground floor. The construction started in August 2012 and Forum Karlín will open in June this year.