Forum Karlín’s new auditorium can take a mighty strain!

07. 04. 2014

Designed for cultural and social events, the auditorium at the new Forum Karlín project in Prague 8 – under ongoing development but nearing completion – has been fitted with a state-of-the-art rigging system that has an extreme load limit. The ability to suspend loads of up to 180 tonnes opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the most demanding programmes and scenic design.

The flexibility of the system and smart technologies employed at Forum Karlín determine that it is predestined for a broad array of events – from small workshops to drama performances, balls and concerts to extensive conferences. The rigging system beneath the auditorium ceiling greatly supports the multifunctional nature of the auditorium – it facilitates the suspension of desired technology or scene-setting decor anywhere within the auditorium at heights of up to 10 metres, and with a total weight of up to 180 tonnes. The rigging offers a dense grid (rigging grid of 4.2 m x 1.9 m) with a single grid field capable of supporting up to 30 tonnes.

“Given the size and capacity of the Forum Karlín auditorium this technological solution is more than an above-standard solution, comparable to what is seen at much bigger facilities in both the Czech Republic and abroad,” says Ondřej Špalek, Director of Forum Karlín. Thanks to comfortable and safe access provided by service walkways, the use of the rigging system is simple even when it involves movable parts of heavy technology or sizeable elements of decor.

Forum Karlín is a new office and social project uniquely located in Karlín, a developing quarter of Prague. It includes a multifunctional auditorium for 3,000 people that offers flexible facilities for diverse cultural, social and educational events. The project also includes the state-of-the-art media newsroom of publishing house Economia which is set in the refurbished premises of a historical factory that from 1908 was used for manufacturing steam boilers that were distributed throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Another part of the project is a new building of eight floors that provides top-quality office space spanning 9,500 square metres across six floors, from the 2nd to the 7th level. Three floors also include terraces while the top floors offer stunning views of the surroundings. Construction work began in August 2012 and completion is planned for spring 2014.

Prague’s Karlín quarter, in proximity to the historical centre of Prague, offers a complete range of amenities, with leisure-time opportunities as well as options for secluded relaxation or the pulsating city life. The union of history and modern architecture, the combination of office space, shops and services, and the presence of tenants active in progressive business sectors together contribute to a rarefied atmosphere at the site. The overall architectural design of the Forum Karlín project was created by the renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.